Posted May 12, 2020, under Advocacy, Events, Hot Topics, Licensure, Schools/Students

The PBFC has filed its Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief this morning in federal district court in Los Angeles.

Click here to read the lawsuit as filed

More than two months have passed since Governor Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency in California, and throughout that time, he and others in his administration have vaguely and arbitrarily classified licensed barbering and cosmetology professionals as “non-essential,” criminalizing the jobs these 500,000 plus state-licensed professionals perform in every community, large and small, throughout California. Last week, the Governor and his Administration, via our State Board, began threatening to revoke our licenses, which authorize us to safely serve the public’s personal grooming and beauty needs, preventing us to earn a living.

We have been inundated with calls, emails and social media posts by thousands of licensed professionals wondering who was going to speak up for them.  The PBFC answered the call, today, with our lawsuit.

We thank those who have contributed to our litigation costs to-date, and would welcome those who haven’t to consider throwing us a few dollars to help us help you.  Thank you!

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