San Francisco Targets OpenSafe Leader!

Posted August 21, 2020, under Advocacy, Hot Topics

The City and County of San Francisco is targeting the leader of the OpenSafeCalifornia movement! They aren’t going after anyone else, which means if we can fight them back, here, we can protect everyone’s establishments in the City By The Bay.

This is what is happening to Shay in real time, and why she is asking that you consider contributing to our Legal Defense Fund (so that the PBFC can retain a high-profile attorney with experience taking on municipal agencies like this). Please share this post on your own social media platforms.

Shay’s words:

Monday we opened our doors and within 6 hours received orders to close. We refused.

Tuesday we received cease and desist orders from the Deputy City Attorney of San Fransisco. They threaten us with a fine of $1000 a day and/or misdemeanor charges. We refused to closed and decided if they actually tried to enforce those, we would fight it, along with the PBFC.

Wednesday the city changed directions. Because they knew that they couldn’t scare me with something that wouldn’t hold up in court, they went after my sweet 77 year old landlord.

I’m so disappointed in this state, in this city and in those disgraceful people in charge. We have been reaching out to our officials for months now with no real feedback. The fact that within 3 days they had five separate groups try to shut us down, only further proves they don’t care if we lose our businesses, they don’t care if we lose our jobs, they don’t care if we end up homeless or without food. They do not care to use the actual data I gave to them that proves our salon are not the risk they portray them to be.

How is is legal that I am forced to remain closed but still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars every month in rent on a space I can’t use?

I spent yesterday crying. To know I was willing to risk everything, only to be stripped of any control of my business once again, was too much.

OpenSalons Legal Defense Fund