Time to Sue Governor Newsom

Posted May 7, 2020, under Hot Topics

The PBFC has decided to sue Governor Newsom to force him to reopen our salons much sooner than his vowed “months not weeks” timeline.

We understand that not all salons and stylists will want to reopen under the current threat of this pandemic.  Nothing in our legal challenge will force anyone to act against their will.

We just believe that the formal education/training of our stylists warrant our safe reopening under additional “social distancing” protocols, which our State Board and industry stakeholders have been putting together for weeks.

If you want to help us cover the costs of this expensive litigation, please donate at our GoFundMe page (created by our Legal Counsel Fred Jones, but all funds go directly into the PBFC nonprofit banking account):

Legal Defense Fund

Thank you!


And here’s a little more information about our lawsuit from Modern Salon:

Modern Salon Lawsuit Report