SB 803 and Its Impact Explained — Podcast Interview

Posted June 21, 2021, under Advocacy, Deregulation, Hot Topics, Licensure, Schools/Students

Legislative/Regulatory Reforms

Hair Game podcast host and Salon Republic founder, Eric Taylor, interviews PBFC Legal Counsel/Advocate Fred Jones about the potential implications of our beloved industry if SB 803 as currently drafted becomes law.

This long-format interview answers many of your questions about this dramatic reform legislation, including not only the threatening elements but some of the decent provisions of this sweeping bill.

SB 803 is part of an overall, national movement to chip away at our licensed scope of practice and the education and training of the next generation of personal care professionals in the barbering and beauty sector (see the previous “Hot Topics” column for more details about the bill and our call to arms).

You can hear the entire, hour-long interview on whatever podcast feed you prefer, but here is a link to the Apple podcast platform:

The Hair Game Podcast SB 803 Episode