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Governor Capitulates … again … sort of!

Posted August 28, 2020, under Advocacy, Hot Topics, Licensure

Here is the PBFC’s Public Statement in response to Governor Newsom’s convoluted tiered schema he just rolled out, placing 87% of our nail/skin establishments OUTSIDE, while reopening INDOOR hair/barbershops statewide (evidently without capacity limits):      Since 1999, the Professional Beauty Federation of California has striven to give voice to …

San Francisco Targets OpenSafe Leader!

Posted August 21, 2020, under Advocacy, Hot Topics

The City and County of San Francisco is targeting the leader of the OpenSafeCalifornia movement! They aren’t going after anyone else, which means if we can fight them back, here, we can protect everyone’s establishments in the City By The Bay. This is what is happening to Shay in real …

Salons/Shops/Spas Teetering on Insolvency

Posted August 10, 2020, under Advocacy, Hot Topics

Another month, another column focusing on the invisible enemy that at least here in California continues to lay waste to our economy, our industry and our livelihoods.  Well, to be more precise, COVID is wreaking havoc in terms of contagion spread here in the Golden State, but our state and …

Meet The Man Behind The Curtain

Posted July 28, 2020, under Advocacy, Hot Topics

Since we brought Governor Newsom to court and kicked off the #OpenSalonsNow campaign, the PBFC has broken through the noise, received unparalleled media coverage, and reached the collective consciousness of our half-million active, licensed professionals … in a way we have never been able to penetrate in our association’s 20 …

Photo of Fred Jones

PBFC Statement Re: Outside Services

Posted July 22, 2020, under Advocacy, Hot Topics, Licensure

The Professional Beauty Federation of California is a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit trade association that seeks to give voice to California’s 621,000 hair/skin/nails licensed professionals, as well the over 53,000 licensed barbering/beauty establishments.  We have been very active in trying to get our so-called “non-essential” businesses back in operation since May, …

Who’s Speaking Up For You?

Posted July 8, 2020, under Advocacy, Hot Topics

In the early days of the COVID threat, our licensed professionals embraced federal and state calls for lockdowns to “flatten the contagion curve” so as to “not overwhelm our hospitals” and to keep our clients and co-workers safe. But as the days, weeks and months progressed, and as not a …

Timeline of Governor Newsom’s Capitulation

Posted May 28, 2020, under Hot Topics

Given there are some in our industry who haven’t been following the work of the PBFC (in pressuring Governor Newsom to #OpenSalonsNow via a federal court lawsuit and concerted media campaign), we thought it would be helpful to provide a brief timeline of our work on behalf of all 620,000 …

PBFC Stood Up for Salon/Barbershop Professionals

Posted May 18, 2020, under Advocacy, Events, Hot Topics

When Governor Newsom announced on April 28 — nearly two months into the lockdown — that salons and beauty colleges would remain shut additional “months not weeks”, the PBFC jumped into action. We immediately sent his Cabinet Secretary a letter, which precipitated an April 29 hour and-a-half phone conference (which …

Rally at Capitol and Video Testimonials

Posted May 18, 2020, under Advocacy, Events, Hot Topics

RALLY AT STATE CAPITOL! Some behind-the-chair professionals in So Cal are organizing a rally in Sacramento this coming Monday, May 18, at Noon, to peaceably and respectfully protest the prolonged lockdown Please consider wearing a mask and red attire (to distinguish us from everyone else). We’ll be meeting across the …


Posted May 12, 2020, under Advocacy, Events, Hot Topics, Licensure, Schools/Students

The PBFC has filed its Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief this morning in federal district court in Los Angeles. Click here to read the lawsuit as filed More than two months have passed since Governor Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency in California, and throughout that time, he and …

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