The Professional Beauty Federation Mission:

  • To establish a unified, credible and influential voice for all sectors of the beauty and barbering industry.
  • To promote and raise the professionalism of our industry.
  • To enhance and elevate the image of our licensed professionals through positive public relations and industry image building activities.
  • To gather industry opinion through surveys, discussion, and advisory groups and to use that input to develop sound public policy.

For Those Who May Need a Bridge Loan

We recognize these “on-again/off-again” salon lockdowns have played havoc with our industry and your livelihood.  We continue the fight for the sustained reopening of your barbering/beauty business, but we also recognize some of you could really use access to cash immediately.  The PBFC has helped design financing options specifically tailored for salons and barbering/beauty licensed professionals.  Take a look and see if any of these programs could help you stay afloat during these difficult times:

PBFC Finance Plans