Legislative / Regulatory Reforms

When Did That Happen?

Unfortunately, many are sadly uninformed about what happens in State government, notwithstanding most of the laws governing salon operations, licensure, and schools are all set in Sacramento. Far too often, we hear about laws impacting our businesses and careers far too late, well after they have already been enacted or worse, when we get a summons or a surprise letter from a state tax agency in the mail.

Former State Senator (now Congressman) Lou Correa said it best when explaining the work of Sacramento policymakers and regulators, “If we don’t do it for you . . . we will do it to you!”, illustrating the importance of having a cohesive and actively-engaged industry voice in our State Capitol.

Have you Heard?

Gossip, rumor, second-hand news and fake news is nothing but trouble. Critical Information passing from one person to the next means each adds their own interpretation/opinion and too often misinformation into it. Like the game of ‘telephone’ … by the time you get that information it looks very little like the reality. Lots of opinions added and important details omitted. Guaranteed … not accurate.

Find Out for Yourself!

The PBFC is the only full-time group looking out for your best interest in Sacramento. Our unparalleled experience and our real-time insights are reliable and actionable, keeping you on the cutting-edge of the most important policy and regulatory reforms.

Here are the web links (straight from the State of California) so you can read for yourself and understand ‘the facts’. Here is where all the legislation currently under examination is placed for public scrutiny and there are links to find your Senators and Assemblymembers who can have an impact.

The California Assembly and Senate

Updates and Calls for Action

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