Rally at Capitol and Video Testimonials

Posted May 18, 2020, under Advocacy, Events, Hot Topics


Some behind-the-chair professionals in So Cal are organizing a rally in Sacramento this coming Monday, May 18, at Noon, to peaceably and respectfully protest the prolonged lockdown

Please consider wearing a mask and red attire (to distinguish us from everyone else). We’ll be meeting across the street from the north side of the Capitol grounds near 10th/L Streets (in front of the Starbucks, then will be escorted by Capitol Police/CHP to our designated steps of the Capitol for our official rally).

If you want to bring a sign, keep them respectful (and include our hashtag below)” “We Are Licensed Professionals” “We Know How to Keep Clients Safe” … such like that.


Also, if you haven’t already, we’d welcome your support for our litigation costs (we honored our commitment and filed on May 12 our injunction action in the Central District of the federal courts in Los Angeles).

Donate to PBFC v. Newsom

Finally, we are thinking about compiling short video snippets from stylists and owners telling their heart wrenching stories about how this prolonged lockdown is impacting your life, livelihood and business. We will be sharing some of these with media outlets, to help build pressure on Governor Newsom to reopen our salons.

If you are willing to offer your own testimonial, please email them to our Legal Counsel/Advocate,

To be most effective, we would like to keep these snippets under one minute (and hopefully around 30 seconds). They should convey your passion for the industry and fears over this ongoing lockdown, summarize your years of experience as a (Cosmo/Barber/Nail Tech/etc.), and your desire to safely reopen. Again, they need to be genuine and heartfelt, not overly-scripted … but SHORT, so that we can highlight many of your stories.

Thank you for your support as we seek to help you all safely resume your livelihoods.