Introducing Pro Beauty Pay™ – Our Industry’s Merchant Payment Solution

Posted May 3, 2022, under Benefits, Hot Topics

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out some exciting new partnerships that pass considerable savings and valuable benefits to our beloved followers. We hope some of these new offerings will be of value to you, as we worked hard to negotiate the best deals for our barbering/beauty industry professionals with top-flight partners in the financial, insurance, and even healthcare sectors. Here’s one of those exclusive offerings:

The Professional Beauty Federation (PBF) is pleased to announce a new credit card merchant services payment solution program called ProBeautyPay™ to all beauty and barbering professionals. There’s never been a better time to switch and save!

Why ProBeautyPro?
• Lowest fees in the beauty industry (lower than Square)
• Free equipment (multiple hardware and software options)
• No contract, no activation fee
• Accept all payments everywhere
• Simple, streamlined onboarding to get started immediately
• Easy to switch merchant platforms and from Venmo or Zelle
• Highest levels of customer support; 24/7 technical support
• Timely reporting dashboard and account management
• Give back to the barbering/beauty industry with each transaction

2.39% + $0.10 per transaction
$10.95 Monthly Fee
(Compare to Square at 2.60% + $0.10 + Equipment Cost)

Accept virtually every type of payment that comes your way — from chip and PIN to tap and pay, and mobile wallets. The PBF merchant service partner has customer representatives dedicated to our barbering/beauty industry that are ready to answer any questions and help you transition to our ProBeautyPay processor.

Unlike other card processors, a small portion of every ProBeautyPay™ transaction goes back to our industry at no cost to you.

For more information and to get started: