Finally Covid $ for Independents/Self-Employed!

Posted April 10, 2023, under Benefits, Covid Relief, Hot Topics, PPP

Booth/Suite Renter *** Self-Employed hair/skin/nails professional *** Independent Contractor/1099

FINALLY there is Covid Relief $ for you! 

You’ve probably heard all the adds aimed at employers for “ERC” relief funds.  We at the PBF led the way over a year ago in this regard and have successfully been helping thousands of salon/spa/shop/school employers receive these federal tax credits  … and we’re continuing to do so, so if you are an employer with at least two W-2 employees, go to this link and get your share before it’s too late!

But we have been hearing the cries of our independents wondering “What about us?!”  

That’s why we’re so excited to finally be able to rollout our self-guided, online portal to help you access your own share of federal relief $$.  And it could mean as much as $32,200 — depending on your stated income in Schedule SE of your 2019, 2020 and 2021 tax returns … this is serious money!

Together with our long-time and trusted partners at Adesso Capital, we are preparing the final touches of our unprecedented online portal designed specifically for independent beauty professionals.  This online tool has been put together by industry experts, CPAs and tax attorneys to help our self-employed professionals access and maximize their share of these final Covid relief funds; and like it’s counterpart  for employers applying for ERC funds, it will also generate and deliver all of the necessary paperwork for our hard-working hair/skin/nails professionals.  

This little known federal program seeks to replace income that 1099, self-employed and independent salon, spa, and barbershop workers lost during the Covid years — as a result of lockdowns, worksite capacity limits, Covid illness or vaccine reactions, medical or self-imposed quarantines, children stuck at home doing virtual/remote learning, etc..  Consider it “ERC” for independent professionals.  

As long as you had filed a Schedule SE as part of your annual tax returns in 2020 and 2021, and you missed work due to Covid-related matters, you’re likely qualified.

With our successful history of helping over 10,000 beauty professionals receive PPP funds two years ago, followed by the past year of getting thousands of beauty/barbering employers ERC funds (which we continue to do), we are now ready to help our independent professionals receive their fair share of these final federal funds.

The Covid pandemic was devastating to our industry, most especially our self-employed beauty and barbering professionals.  We know you deserve these dollars, and that’s why we have been working very hard behind the scenes to deliver this final remaining Covid relief $ to you through our seamless, self-guided, online portal.

Go to ProBeautyRelief to secure your legally-entitled assistance before it’s too late!