Here is My Why. Personal Story from Cancer Survivor Leonie Waite, Hairstylist and Owner of Franzine Beauty, Talking About Living Benefits

Posted October 12, 2022, under Hot Topics

My name is Leonie Waite. Here is my why. At the tender age of sixteen, I first realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was always making money finding odd jobs because my mom was a single parent of six kids. I became successful and started making great income before turning eighteen. Fast-forward to age twenty-five, and you find me in the hospital. I was diagnosed with a cancer tumor that was called dysgerminoma. It Immediately changed my life. The doctors told me I probably wouldn’t have children. The process and treatments I went through for recovery was very scary for me, especially as I had to pay my rent and keep food on the table.

I decided to switch careers, and I became a licensed professional hairstylist. By age 30, my beautiful daughter was born, and I was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So, I was a single mom running my own hairstylist business, and my finances were clearly not in order. Moreover, I didn’t know how my mother was going to take care of my daughter if I passed away. I was still young and passionate but very naïve to managing my financial affairs.

I realized, here is my daughter, and I need to make some better financial decisions. As time went by, my business became the family business. My daughter later enrolled into a cosmetology program, studied and received her cosmetology license. She started working with me as she joined the family business. We grew to a 27-station salon, and we were very busy. She also blessed me with twin beautiful granddaughters. The money I made ten to fifteen years ago never made it to the bank. I clearly made it hard for myself. I was making good money in the beauty industry, which led to buying properties and fancy cars, traveling, and living the lifestyle. At the same time, I made a lot of bad financial decisions of not saving anything for my future.

Let’s fast forward to 2019. I got married. However, by 2021 I was filling for divorce. I again needed to pivot and make some necessary changes. It had to start with me and with my business. I fell into the trap of taking care of others but not myself. The problem is a lot of people in the beauty industry are looking for passive income, but we’re up on our feet all day cutting, blow drying, coloring, styling hair. We don’t realize that our greatest asset is our health and our ability to make money. Nobody talks to us about protecting ourselves financially and planning for when we no longer service clients. My overriding passion for being in the professional beauty business is that I love to make people feel good about their hair and themselves, I have the ability to make them feel more beautiful.

I finally looked for financial expertise help, and I found it in several mentors. Working with financial mentors changed my life for the better. I have upgraded my life insurance, and I am properly planning for my future retirement. I now budget and manage my business in the most savvy and responsible manner. I urge you to sit down with a financial services management company like Syncis so you could make your life a little easier. I now want to help people in our industry especially young individuals to not make the same mistakes the young Leonie made. I want to help young professionals prepare for retirement, not just dream about it. That is my “why”. I am grateful that my health is better, and I am cancer free. It feels good to know I have the living benefits if another life event happens again. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me. I am here for you!

Leonie Waite CEO/Franzine Beauty Management

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